Experience traditional Pathare Prabhu cuisine in Mumbai

Pathare Prabhus - a community so elusive that it doesn't have either "Pathare" or "Prabhu" as family names.

A people with a chequered yet colourful past (but then, who doesn't have that, anyway?).

A people who helped shape the modern history of this magnificent city. A community hiding in plain sight.

Following their own tradition.
Cooking up their own cuisine.
One of the best kept secrets of Mumbai.

Come, taste a slice of this amazing secret and get a window on your city's unique heritage. Come, dine with us.


What people are saying

One of the most enjoyable meals I’ve ever had. LOVED it!

Suktara Ghosh
The Quint

What people are saying

Not just the food, but the overall concept of providing information about the Pathare Prabhu community. Explaining each dish. Sharing a common table with other nice people was a unique way of presenting a totaly innovative concept in getting together for a meal

Gordon Rodricks

What people are saying

Different experience. Born n brought up in Mumbai but didn’t knew about one of the oldest cuisine of Mumbai. Thank u for providing the experience and the hospitality. And special thanks to uncle for the PAAN 😋

Nadim Shaikh