About DWV

About Dine with Vijaykars

Dine with Vijaykars is a labour of love of a traditional Pathare Prabhu family. Located in our ancestral villa in the relaxed Western suburb of Jogeshwari, Mumbai, Dine With Vijaykars is a pop-up home kitchen serving up traditional Pathare Prabhu food every few fortnights.

We serve in the traditional Indian Thali format with a pre-set menu that changes each time. We organise this at our home, and love to share snippets from our traditions with all who want to know about our niche cuisine and about the community.

Our Chef

Dr. Padmaja Vijaykar has been feeding PP food to her near and dear ones since she was a school-going girl. She loves food, and cooking has become a natural extension of that over the years. Apart of managing her regular Physiotherapy practice, mentoring young doctors, and running a weight management clinic, she spearheads the kitchen for DWV.


What is Pathare Prabhu Food?

Due to several reasons, some historical and some gastronomical, Pathare Prabhu cuisine got developed independent of the typical Maharashtrian, Malvani, Konkani and Goan-Portuguese cuisines.

Here are some quick things for you to munch on and get a glimpse of what we mean:

  • Unlike the Maharashtrians on the other side of Western Ghats, for whom non-vegetarian items meant either chicken or mutton, Pathare Prabhus developed a cuisine that focused a lot (and we mean, a LOT) on seafood due to their proximity to the beaches in Mumbai.
  • Pathare Prabhus took some of the traditional Maharashtrian recipes and PP-fied them – that is, added non-veg to them. Pathare Prabhus put minced prawn or mutton in almost anything that can be considered traditional Marathi – right from Upma with prawn to Alu wadi with prawn or mutton kheema to even Karanji (which is usually sweet) that has a kheema based filling.